Council of Reference

Council of Reference

Council of Reference

What is the Council of Reference?

We think that relationship really matters; not just within the church of which we are a part, but across the whole body of Christ.

Over the years we have benefitted enormously from connecting with others who have similar values but different perspectives. Relationships like this enable us to learn and grow and to receive encouragement and challenge.

We have asked a number of our friends who are senior leaders from the UK and across the world, to act as a Council of Reference for us. These leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds bring with them skills and perspectives, which we believe will really benefit us at ChristChurch London.

We are grateful that they have made themselves available to offer us advice and provide ongoing friendship.

The Council of Reference acts in an advisory role. The Board of Trustees provide the legal oversight of ChristChurch London and information about them can be found here.

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Andy Crouch


Andy is the Executive Editor at Christianity Today and a Senior Fellow at International Justice Mission’s IJM Institute. He lives with his family in Pennsylvania, USA and is the author of Culture Making and Playing God.

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David Devenish


David leads Catalyst, a network of churches. He has many years’ experience of working with churches in the UK and other cultures around the world. He lives in Bedford with his wife Scilla.

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Rev. Nicky and Pippa Gumbel


Nicky is the Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, the largest Anglican Church in Britain with a regular attendance of around 4,000 people. He is the pioneer of the Alpha Course, which runs all across the world. Nicky and Pippa live in Central London and together they write the Bible in One Year reading plan.

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Dr. Krish Kandiah


Krish is founder and Director of Home for Good, a charity finding loving adoptive and foster homes for vulnerable children. He has authored many books, including Paradoxology and Home for Good.

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Rev. Canon Paul Maconochie


Paul oversees a network of churches across the USA and is part of the team at Grace Gathering in Fort Wayne, USA. He was previously the Senior Leader at a large church in Sheffield, UK and has helped many churches re-engineer their small group structures.

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Rev. Canon John and Eleanor Mumford


John and Eleanor play a significant leadership role within the Vineyard family of churches, both in the UK and overseas. They worked for two years with John Wimber at the Anaheim Vineyard in California before starting the SW London Vineyard in 1987. They handed over the leadership of that church in 2008 and served as National Directors in the UK and Ireland; a role they played until 2015, when they handed it over in order to focus on the continued development and momentum of the international Vineyard family.

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Amy Orr-Ewing


Amy is the Director of Programmes for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) and European Director for RZIM Zacharias Trust. She has written two books exploring key questions in apologetics: Why Trust the Bible? and But Is It Real?. She and her husband Frog lead a church in Buckinghamshire called Latimer Minster.

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Rev. Mike Pilavachi


Mike is the Senior Pastor of Soul Survivor Watford and the host of the popular Soul Survivor conferences and training events. He is passionate about teaching and equipping those in their 20s and 30s and is a much-sought-after speaker across the world.

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