Free To Be Me (Women only)

Free To Be Me (Women only)

WHERE: Camberwell, SE5
WHEN: Weds, 19.30


Do you ever get tired of pretending everything is fine when it’s not? This Connect is for women who want to live more authentic and free lives. Over the weeks we will work through the ‘Emotionally healthy woman’ book and look at 8 quits that help us live freer: quit being afraid of what others think, quit lying, quit dying to the wrong things, quit denying anger, sadness and fear, quit blaming, quit overfunctioning, and quit faulty thinking. We’d love you to join us!

If you would like to join please email Abi Gaston to let us know you’re coming and be prepared to buy the book.

This group will run from 24th Jan – 28th March.

Led by Alison and Abi. Email for more details.


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