Connect Group guide: Practice Hospitality


In Romans 12:13, Paul instructs his readers to care for the needs of the saints and practice hospitality. This would have been a radical thing to say to a church made up of a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, who typically would not have eaten together, nor opened up their homes to one another. But it points to the beautiful truth that in Christ we are knitted together into one family.  

Use some of the following questions to discuss the theme of hospitality, and consider how you might want to put this into practice over the Summer period. 

Discussion questions

  • What is true hospitality? And what would it look like to practice it in our context?
  • How good are we at caring for the needs of those in our community? How could we get better at this? 
  • What will you do as individuals or as a Connect Group to practice hospitality this Summer? How will you do that to strengthen the church community? And how will you do that to reach out to a world that has been starved of community? 

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