The Spirit Filled Life: Refreshing for Weary Souls


Worship is a journey that takes us from the recognition of our need for God, into His presence, where we find refreshing and fullness of life. For the Jewish people this was a literal journey they would take towards the Temple in Jerusalem, but for us it is a journey we take in our hearts and minds, choosing consciously to come into the presence of Jesus who is the true temple (Matthew 12:6). 

This practice is designed to help us journey towards God, working through Psalm 63. It lasts 30 minutes, and we suggest taking 15 minutes to work through it as individuals, followed by 10-15 minutes to discuss the experience as a group, using the questions as a prompt. You may find it helpful to have some pen and paper, and have the Psalm open in front of you. 

Practice (15 minutes) 

 This practice should be done as individuals. You may want to turn off the screen while you do it, or play some worship music in the background. First, someone should read out Psalm 63. And then as individuals, pray through the following points, which come out of the Psalm. You may want to pray out loud, or write down your prayers. We suggest spending approximately 3 minutes on each point, although you should feel no pressure to get through all of them. If you feel led to linger on one point for longer, that is totally fine. 

Thirst (3 mins)

Pray verse 1. Express to God how you feel towards Him right now. Do you feel dry and thirsty? If you don’t feel thirsty for Him, confess that to Him and ask Him to create a thirst within you. 

Behold (3 mins)

Pray verses 2-5. Speak to God about the ways you have experienced His power and glory. Thank Him for His love, and specifically give thanks for some of the ways you have been strengthened and satisfied by Him. 

Cling (3 mins)

Pray verses 6-10. Thank God for some of the ways He has given you help in moments of need. Name some of the areas where you need help right now; it could be for provision, work challenges, discouragement from the enemy, relationships, or your physical or mental health. Picture yourself as a young bird under the shadow of God’s wings. 

Rejoice (3 mins)

Pray verse 11. Choose to pray a prayer of joy. Express gratitude and thankfulness for who God is. And if you’re struggling to find joy right now, confess that to God and ask Him to help you. 

Listen (3 mins)

Spend the final 3 minutes listening to God, to see if He wants to speak to you. Write down any things you think He might be saying.

Discussion (10 minutes)

How have you learnt to worship God through this season, in a way that is refreshing and satisfying? Share some practical things you have found helpful. Hearing what others have done may give you ideas for new things you can try to deepen your worship of God.

Closing Prayer

Holy Spirit,
As I seek you this week, would you make yourself easy to find.
May the everyday sensations I experience,
Remind me of the spiritual reality of your refreshing presence.
Each time I thirst for water,
Would you remind me to thirst too for the nourishment of my soul,
And would you quench my thirst.
Each time I hunger for food,
Would you remind me to hunger too for your presence,
And would you satisfy me.
Each time I lay on my bed,
Would you remind me to rest in the shadow of your wing,
And would you protect me.
Fill me with your love, which is greater than life,
And help me to keep your praise forever on my lips.


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