Good Soil

At Christ Church London, we believe that creativity is a hugely important part of our lives as Christians. Check out this piece written and performed as a spoken word by Bas for the Bethnal Green vision night.

Mark 4 verse 8 – still the other seed fell on GOOD soil

But doesn’t it… make your blood boil

That no matter how hard you toil

You can’t quite fulfil your potential

Your demise into darkness, it’s exponential

Living life based on your own credentials

Choked deeper by the thorns, its sequential

Never forget GOD has made you to be… influential

His message, his good news, it’s not… confidential

Don’t keep it hush hush, spread it like a wildfire

It comes, down to the wire

When the flames are burning at our feet, but we know HE… is our ultimate desire


A passion for people, young, old and in between

Living and serving East London an area WE can intervene

If we decide to momentarily shift out focus away from our screens

and step out of the routine

that keeps us… locked in.

Locked in to a selfish future

Me, my and mine… ever the consumer.

We have to fight for unity

And through love, service and compassion, create herd immunity

Like a vaccine covers the masses, we need to seize the opportunity

To change the lives of those living, in our community.


The parable of the sower – we are planted here for a reason

Like a tree, staying put, not just for a season

Here to bring cohesion

Until his kingdom comes to bring completion

So receive his freedom, don’t fall on rocky ground

Allow your branches to reach out and let your voice make a sound

But when you step on to that tube make sure you go EASTBOUND.

Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and beyond

From history to the hipster our area has it all

It bought you grime music, the Olympics and a great big shopping mall

Now I know I’m being funny, but don’t take your eyes off the ball

Coz here it comes, the final countdown, its time for the curtain call


We need to practice being more like Jesus

Because through the work of his royal hands he completes us

He waters our plants so we can be free

And now in return we need to go deep


He makes you walk upon the waters

He gives you purpose and calls you into his quarters


Christ Church East lets go deeper in him

Let’s stay and commit and if the flood comes we swim

Our roots as deep as our tree is high

His water from the ground, our thirst he satisfies

A life given to purify, beautify, dignify and qualify

Sin completely nullified

Simply done to signify

The man Jesus – God personified

People, practice and purpose, three words you’ve been told

Words to be proclaimed, time to break out of the mould

Mark 4 verse 8, good soil, more precious than gold.


Mark 4:8 – Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times. (From the parable of the sower)

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