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"London goes beyond any boundary or convention. It contains every wish or word ever spoken, ever action of gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. it is illimitable. It is Infinite London." Peter Ackroyd

We live in a Global City. With more than 300 languages spoken, over 50 non-indigenous communities with populations exceeding 10,000, and almost 30% of our population having been born overseas, this is a diverse city whose influence reaches right across the globe.

God’s mission has always been to have His name known amongst all the nations of the Earth and at ChristChurch London, we want to play our part in God’s global mission. That begins right here on our doorstep, but must also spread abroad, reaching into every continent. Currently we have a good number of people who are part of ChristChurch London but are currently overseas, and many more who are in the process of preparing to go. We are committed to supporting each and every person who has a passion for the nations, to ensure that they are well equipped, connected and looked after.  

Perhaps you are considering a short-term trip to be involved in a project overseas, or maybe you are being relocated for work purposes? You might be contemplating something more long-term; moving abroad, starting a new job, planting a church? Or perhaps you simply want to be involved in supporting those from ChristChurch who are already overseas? Whatever your passion for the nations, we want to support you.

Throughout the year we will run various events for those interested in being involved in mission overseas, as well as meeting with and advising people who would like to know more. For more information about what is coming up, get in touch, or keep an eye on the website calendar. 

Church Planting

We are passionate about training leaders and planting churches that make a difference in their contexts. In 2011, we sent Rhys and Sara Scott and a team to plant Trinity Central, a church in the heart of Vancouver. We hope in due course that we can send many others to start churches in major cities across the world.  

Who to contact

Transforming Ducketts Common

Sat Jul 26, 10.00 - 13.30

A group of people are partnering with local churches to help transform Ducketts Common into a safe and enjoyable space for families, by cultivating a wildflower meadow. If you would like to be involved, you are welcome to join us. Usually there is a variety of tasks to do, some of which involve gardening.

We meet at 10.00 to pray and then we work from 10.30 until 13.30. Wear clothes suitable for gardening. All tools are provided, no experience necessary.

Contact Alec Peschlow by email, or on 07961 026127


  • Ducketts Common (South Entrance)
  • Opposite Liberty Church on Frobisher Road
  • N8 0QX
Alec Peschlow